img_1969Hello there, and thank you for visiting. In 2000 I graduated¬†from my undergrad with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and I was no more looking forward to a career in computers than to my next dental appointment, but it was a secure field and I was decent at it. In 2001 I owed a friend a big favor and she asked me to work a weekend retreat for teens. Up to that point I thought I disliked kids; all kids. After that retreat I was heart broken over teens and addicted to teen ministry. Since that time I have worked with teens in some capacity and full-time since 2006. I think I enjoy working with teens and hanging out with teens because I do not see them as kids but as younger peers. I treat them like adults and reason with them like adults and they seem to respect that. I’ve learned a lot over the ¬†years and now I am glad to pass what I’ve learned on to teens and the adults who care for them.

I have a Masters in Family Counseling and I’m a parent coach trained by the American Association of Christian Counselors. With over 20 years of adolescent ministry I’ve been privileged to get a first row vantage point as I watch the changes in teenage culture through the years. I can tell you it is getting tricky, tricky. As a parent there’s only so much you can do, but I will help you know what you can do and also help you know what you probably shouldn’t. And more importantly, I can help you come to terms with the fact that even after you’ve done all you can do, you can’t force an outcome in your teen. Some aspects of parenting a teen are counterintuitive. It helps to have some guidance!

If you are a teen and you’re trying to make it through this tedious time of life and come out ahead then you will benefit from my blogs for teens. Take what hits you right, and leave what doesn’t. Come back later and it may make a lot more sense in another season.

Teens or parents who want more personal attention can discuss private or group coaching with me. Drop me a note on my contact page and I’ll be in touch.