Suicide Sucks

There is no way to get over you. No matter if you leave us intentionally or accidentally, from an overdose or a bullet, from a text-and-wreck or from a rope around the neck; there is no getting over you. No matter what you feel, the truth is you are loved. No matter how poorly we show it, you are loved. You mean the world to someone, and probably you don’t even have a clue how much you mean to people. When you’re gone, there’s no replacing you. You are unique, unreplaceable, unimitatable. There is a void created in the world, in our hearts. The void aches and pains and yearns and sobs. The emptiness will be there years and decades later. 10 years since Garrett left me and there is no replacing him. I know he had no idea he still meant the world to me. 2 years since I preached Shea’s funeral and the void is as strong as the day he left. 3 years since Patrick left. The sadness hovers still. It’s been only 7 months since the latest tragic piece was ripped from my heart by suicide. It’ll never grow back. And none of these know the pain they left behind. None of them knew how much they were still cared about, loved, and connected to. So please know the truth – you are so special to many people and you don’t even know. And when you’re gone life for many will be affected with a new void that they now have to live with for the rest of their lives. Suicide sucks.

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