feeling unloved

You are loved. It is easy to feel unloved. Everyone falls into the trap of believing the unloved feeling at times. We feel like no one sees, no one cares, no one appreciates, no one values or wants us. It’s wild to me how the most popular people feel the same emotions and often feels them more intensely than people who face a strong amount of real rejection. It’s universal, a reality of the human condition. But it’s a lie. People deal with the unloved lie differently. Some wallow in that lie and make it their best friend and cuddle buddy. They fall asleep to it at night and wake up to it in the mornings. Other people learn to overcome the lie with Truth. The Truth will set you free – if you use it. Lean into it. Reach for it. Believe it. Over and over again. The truth can become your new best friend, your new cuddle buddy, it can sing songs of healing over you at night and kiss you each morning.

The Truth is that you are loved. Your family loves you. They are not perfect so all families show love in various levels and shades of dysfunction, but they do love you. Your friends love you. Again, the love is imperfect and often immature and even selfish, but they love you. The ultimate Truth is Jesus loves you. God loves you. With God love is perfect. It is not dysfunctional in any way. Because we are used to being loved dysfunctionally and we are used to defining love dysfunctionally we may have a hard time wrapping our minds around His perfect love. He loves you uniquely. No one else can fill the place you have in His heart.

In navigation it is imperative to know where North is. If you lose your bearings you can always get a composs and find North. Once you find North you can find your way. In life it’s easy to get lost, confused, lose your bearings. If you ever start to doubt yourself and everyone else there is one thing you can rely on and know for sure – God loves you. His love for you is North. By hanging on to this truth you will be able to find your way again, even when everything else seems uncertain.

photo of woman holding compass
Photo by Victor Miyata on Pexels.com

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