Be Kind to Your Future Self

Take a moment at the end of this paragraph, and imagine yourself as a 25 year old. Maybe you had just finished college, or maybe you’re married and have a trade, or maybe you’re backpacking in Europe. What do you look like? Are you fit? Are you bearded? Are you a sharp dresser or are you casual? Is this 25 year old you happy? What is he thankful for and what does he long for? Is he an addict? Is he broken and empty by years of going relationship to relationship? Is he close to his family or is he isolated and scared of closeness? Get ready, imagine, notice details….annnd go —

<time passes>

That image you pulled up in your mind, that future you, is a product of all the decisions you make between now and then. If he is looking back at you now, as a teenager, what is he wishing you would do? What is he wishing you would do differently than you’re doing now? What is he thankful that you are doing now?

Everything you do today is either going to bless or hurt your 25 year old self. That future version of you will look back at this year of your life with either regret and shame or with thankfulness. And he won’t be blaming anyone but you. Because it’s not your circumstances that determine your future quality of life, rather it is how you respond to your circumstances, and what you do with what you’re given.

If you will go through your day today with a forward focused mentality, asking that 25 year old you how you can bless him by the decisions you make today, you might find you like who you are in the future, and also today. Drive toward your 25 year old self with intentionality. Make him the best man he can be. He’s completely dependent on you. He can’t change his past, but you can.

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