Friendship with Authority

When my students are obedient and trustworthy, I get to let my guard down around them and allow myself to connect with them on a friendship level. But for students who are defiant, I will only be a staff. Defiant students will only know my stern face, whereas submissive students can know my heart.

In the Bible, the concept of “lord” or “master” is found over a thousand times in the Old Testament alone. It is used to describe the owner or master who has authority over a subject. Jesus is our owner and master, but He seems determined to be more than that to us. He seems determined to have intimate friendship with us. A master has no obligation to know his servants. A master has every right to expect compliance even from his aloof position. But Jesus is no ordinary master. He is the master who serves. He is the lord who is a friend to his subjects. He paid the full price of His own life so we can intimately know Him forever.

If you have resented the authorities around you – teachers, parents, etc – and if you feel distant from them, check your submission and trustworthiness. If they have to keep a stern face on to keep you in line, that’s not their fault. Most authorities would enjoy the ability to relax around you and have relationship with you, and they would do so if they could trust you to stay respectful even when they become your friend.

Jesus could just own you as a slave, but He is determined to know you intimately as a friend. Remember to be His friend today! Your parents could be your best friends on the planet if you would respect them without having the threat of their authority looming over you. Once YOU are the one who is making YOU obey, then they will eventually realize they do not have to carry that burden anymore. Then relationship will blossom.

“You show that you are my intimate friends when you obey all that I command you.” John 15:14 TPT

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