Don’t let greedy corporations steal your evolution

Why does the evolutionary principle of “natural selection” seem to work with every animal on the planet except humans? The concept of survival of the fittest helps animals advance and adapt. Humans have a strange relationship with evolution. We have evolved in whiplash speed over the last 100 years in some ways. Just a little over a hundred years ago the horse was still the main means of land travel. Look at us now – driving, flying, and subwaying all over the planet. In 2029 supersonic jets are projected to be used commercially and the uberweathy are already allowed to take day trips into space. That’s some wild evolution in just 100 years.

But on the flip side, if evolution was truly working like it’s supposed to, why are we more fat than we used to be? Why are we more addicted to everything? Why is big tobacco still able to market lifelong addictions? How are our teens still falling for the same old tricks we fell for when we where teens? Why is half of Gen Z addicted to nicotine?! I thought we had been on a steady decline of addicts to nicotine and then all the sudden vapes were invented (is that evolution?) and we had a whole generation take a step back in normalizing addiction (or is that de-evolution?). It’s almost like the evolution in humanity’s technology is causing a de-evolution in humanity’s physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health. Our jails are full, our psych wards are full, our hospitals are full, our rehabs are full… So, are we evolving? It’s complicated.

One thing I know for sure is that greedy corporations LOVE to play on youth and human weaknesses to get our money and make uberwealthy tycoons. If big tobacco can addict you to nicotine at a young age, you will spend your life working hard to give them money for the next 60 years. If the porn business can addict you at a young age, you will spend your life funding the sex slave industry. If in your developmental years you learn to cope and artificially regulate your emotions with pot, you will likely fund drug cartels or big marijuana corporations your whole life. These big businesses want to thrive on your addictions. They want you to fund their prodigal lifestyles. Your weakness is their strength. Your naïveté is their opportunity.

These addiction-funded businesses go for young people partly because they understand the concept of rebellion. As a developing autonomy, you want to be edgy, to not be controlled, to do things that make mom and dad cringe. And herein is the opportunity for de-evolution. How are you letting big corporations addict you so you spend your life funding them? Are you proud that you make these corporations successful and powerful? Are they worth de-evolving for? Do they love you or do they just use you? Are you more faithful to them than to the family who have sacrificed for you?

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